• Crystal clear braces
  • Maximum comfort
  • For all ages
  • Excellent results

If you want straighter teeth but are concerned about how you’ll look with braces, consider this many celebrities are wearing aesthetic braces to improve their smiles quickly without compromising their signature look. Now you can too!

Some aesthetic braces are white or coloured to match a particular tooth colour. But since we all have different tooth shades, these braces frequently stand out. Inspire ICE crystal-clear braces are the most discreet braces available, regardless of tooth colour. Plus, they won’t stain or discolour over time, so you’ll look great throughout your treatment.

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We’re proud to offer Inspire ICE™, the highest quality aesthetic braces on the market. Their patented sapphire material makes Inspire ICE the only crystal-clear braces available. They’re not only discreet, they’re virtually invisible.

Uncompromised results.
With Inspire ICE, you’ll enjoy the uncompromised results that only real braces can deliver – with the aesthetics you demand.


Inspire ICE is made with a patented smoothing process for maximum comfort. That’s just another reason why 96% of patients recently surveyed chose Inspire ICE over other aesthetic braces. Make the only clear choice for yourself.

For children and adults
Braces can move teeth at any age to achieve a beautiful result that’s youthful and dynamic.

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