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  • Its Friday :-)

    Wishing all our wonderful patients a fantastic weekend!

  • What a lovely week it has been so far, how long will the sunshine last for? We hope everyone is having a lovely week and looking forward to the weekend! Here is a wonderful before and after photo of one of our cases, just to give you a little glimpse of what can be achieved!      

  • Blog finally fixed!

    A BIG HELLO to all our followers, apologies but we have had a small problem with our blog! Unfortunately we have lost some of our past posts but we are now secure and back up and running. We hope everyone is well and has had a wonderful summer! We have had a busy few months here at the practice, lots of new treatment started which we cannot wait to see the results of and lots of patients finishing treatment which is always an exciting time. Maxine has enjoyed a fabulous holiday exploring China and Yumiko who joined us at the beginning of the year…